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Background and Credit Checks

Conducting background and credit checks on potential new hires is very important in most industries but none more so than in the banking and securities industry. In these particular fields, employees are entrusted with the care and custody of other people's money, confidential information and personal data. As the worldwide economic downturn slowly begins to recede and more dollars begin to make their way into the banking system, then theoretically more lending institutions will lift their long standing hiring freezes and begin employing more and more recent college graduates. Young people with newly minted diplomas as well as older workers who have been out of work due to The Great Recession of 2008 are eager to work and hungry for jobs; conducting thorough background and credit checks on all potential new hires is paramount when making important hiring decisions.

Dishonest and duplicitous employees can cost their employers untold millions of dollars in lost revue due to fraud, theft and even mismanagement. Employees who are dishonest will steal, defraud customers and clients, file false claims and can generally make life miserable for their employers. The best way to prevent this from happening is to conduct a comprehensive background check on all potential new hires. A painstaking credit check that is cross referenced with meticulous work history verification will reveal any red flags about the potential new hires' credit history. For job applicants looking to work in the field of banking, employers should do a duteous credit check. This check should include checks for loan defaults, failure to pay child support, credit card charge offs, foreclosures and judgments. A person looking to work in banking should have excellent credit – no charge offs or defaults and an impeccable history of paying their bills on time and in full.

A relatively small investment in a professionally conducted background investigation could prevent hiring managers from hiring the wrong type of employees.

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More Information About Background Screening

" DataCheck has provided our organization with comprehensive personalized background screening services since 2007. Over the years, I have received excellent customer support from their dedicated staff. With DataCheck, the billing process is simple, the pricing is competitive, and there are never any hidden fees. The user friendly client portal and email alerts provide quick and easy access to the results we need to keep our organization moving forward. I hope to continue doing business with DataCheck and would highly recommend their services to others."

Rochelle Hauburger, MBA, PHR
Human Resources, Check City Partnership, LLC.

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