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You applied for a job opening online and were called in for an interview. After a few rounds of speaking with a hiring manager and department heads, you have been asked to authorize the employer to do a background check. Even though such an investigation is part of the hiring process, you may ask yourself, "How far will a company background check go?" Not all background checks are the same, and the company researching and verifying your information may do a basic or more thorough investigation.

A background check company, rather than the employer, may be verifying your work, education, and criminal history. Such a background check company, in these instances, will start with social security number validation and an address search. These basic pieces of information, including all addresses where you have lived and all names you have used, serve as a starting point for a more thorough criminal history investigation.

The information requested by a background check company varies in a criminal investigation, however. On a basic level, criminal records at county and state levels for every location you have lived are searched for all charges. More thorough criminal background checks will examine national and international records.

Verifying the information on your resume or application is one of the responsibilities of a background check company. Job candidates can fib, stretching out duties, titles, dates, or accomplishments, and they can go even further. A background check company investigates all dates, positions held, salaries, duties, and work habits of every place where you have worked.

Similar information is gathered for education. Much like employment information, education history can be stretched to include inaccuracies for degrees, majors, and diplomas. A background check company contacts every school you attended and requests information regarding majors, degrees, GPAs, diplomas, and class rank.

A background check company, such as Data Check, may be requested to investigate more information on a candidate. Driving records and credit histories are two common additions. Driving records are akin to criminal history, and the two often go hand-in-hand. Credit history, however, involves researching an individual's paying habits and any bankruptcies, judgments, or liens. While not requested for all positions, credit history checks are routine for jobs in finance and that involve handling money.

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