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Background Check Requirements for Healthcare Workers

Background check requirements can be a little different for workers in the healthcare industry. The requirements can also vary from state to state.

For example, background checks for home healthcare workers can be different than background checks for nurses. In addition, agencies must comply with state laws in order to participate in Medicare.

  • 15 states require home healthcare agencies to receive background check results before people can begin employment.
  • 15 states also require additional background checks subsequent to initial checks.
  • 35 states specify convictions that automatically disqualify people from employment.

In the last few years, several states have considered bills aimed at increasing oversight and requirements for home healthcare workers. This often included calls for extensive screening for workers during the hiring process.

Some states have been found negligent in areas such as inadequate enforcement of federal regulations designed to promote health and safety. This has resulted in an increased emphasis on background checks.

The need for adequate background checks for home healthcare workers is on the rise and is likely to continue to grow. A significant amount of the population is at retirement age or older.

Choosing the right background check provider is crucial to hearing the best person for a position in the healthcare industry.

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