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One important aspect of pre-screening for potential new hires is a criminal background check. DataCheck can do an investigation into the criminal history of potential employees. This investigation will reveal the criminal history of the applicant as well as verify if the person is currently listed on any sexual offender lists. A thorough background check into the criminal history of potential new hire will also reveal arrests, convictions, probationary status and any time served in the penitentiary.

As an authorized affiliate of National Background Data, LLC, DataCheck is proud to offer the comprehensive Criminal Offender Profile Summary service; this powerful multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records includes data from 41 states (over 76 million records), and the Sex Offender Registries. In addition to DataCheck's on-site court searches for felony and misdemeanor records, this is a great pre-screening service for employers who understand the importance of "due diligence" and who might want to do a wider search using the best available criminal databases. This type of investigation is important for companies like banks, brokerage houses, armored car services, and other companies that deal with other people's hard earned money.

Other background checks and employment screening services offered by DataCheck include the Global Report Patriot Act Name Search. This check will cross reference names listed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Most Wanted list with Interpol's Most Wanted List, the Bank of England Sanctions List, the OSFI - Canadian Sanctions List, the United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List, the Politically Exposed Persons List, the European Union Terrorism List along with the World Bank Ineligible Firms.

An exhaustive investigation in the criminal background of potential new hire is always a sound investment, especially if the job involves dealing with other people's money, investments or personal information.

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" Do not hesitate to work with DataCheck. It is a wonderful company that delivers better and faster results than our previous provider, a very large, well known background screening company, who we left after many years! JFSA began working with DataCheck about a year ago and we never looked back. The website to place orders is very user friendly and the results arrive within 24 hours in most cases. In addition, DataCheck has excellent customer service and personal touch. They are always available to answer questions as needed. We are located on the east coast and DataCheck is on the west coast, and I was somewhat concerned in the beginning about being in a different time zone, but the time difference has never presented a problem to us. DataCheck met and exceeded all our expectations!"

Tanya Borshov, Manager of Talent Acquisition and Retention

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