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Background Checks for Employment

Pre-screening of job applicants is a very important process, as background checks for employment are essential. From the applicant for a job in a meat processing plant to the applicant for a teaching job all the way up to high level jobs in the field of banking, these applicants need to be pre-screened for drug abuse, previous arrests and convictions, degrees conferred and last but not least, there should be a social security number verification done.

People applying for jobs that entail dealing with the fortunes of others as well as jobs that deal with access to confidential personal information should be put through a comprehensive background check. For job applicants looking to work in the field of banking, employers should do a meticulous credit check. This check should include checks for loan defaults, failure to pay child support, credit card charge offs, foreclosures and judgments. A person looking to work in banking should have excellent credit -- no charge offs or defaults and an impeccable history of paying their bills on time and in full.

Another component of doing a thorough pre-screening of job applicants is to learn about any past criminal behavior. The ability to verify whether or not an applicant has a criminal history is vital; especially when the job involves dealing with other people's personal information, finances or physically being around large sums of cash. In this regard, DataCheck, Inc offers a Criminal Offender Profile summary. With type of summary, human resources personnel are able to check the criminal records of job applicants in over 40 states. Sex Offender Registries can also be checked and verified. This type of check is extremely common with school districts, bussing companies and summer camps.

A thorough background check is smart way to avoid hiring the wrong person for a very important job.

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