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Background Investigations

A standard employment procedure, background investigations are used to verify the information listed in your resume and influence hiring decisions. Nearly all employers conduct background investigations – about 95 percent of all hiring companies – but not all information requested is the same. 60 percent of this amount, for example, ask for credit histories, and certain companies may need national criminal background checks.

When it comes to employment, background investigations are rarely first. Companies do not want to pay the fee, and the procedure is only necessary in the later stages of interviewing. After an advertisement is posted, resumes examined, and candidates interviewed, a company will need to make a hiring decision, and to assist with this, background investigations are requested of each remaining candidate. Although not the determining factor, the results of an investigation can influence a hiring decision.

Many associate background checks and investigations with criminal records, but far more information is examined. Starting every investigation is a verification of a social security number, names, and addresses, and this information assists with criminal records checks at state and county levels.

Resume fudging is surprisingly common, but altering a date is a far lesser offense than listing a phony degree. An employer wants to make sure all information listed in a resume or application is accurate; typically in an investigation, a person's educational and work histories, including dates, positions, and degrees, are thoroughly searched.

Help with Criminal Searches

A criminal investigation is an essential part of a background check, but some employers only request that state and county records be examined, while others need fingerprints and have FBI databases searched. When you work with Data Check, the types of criminal investigations include:

California Prison Records

All county-level records in California are searched for convictions that lead to time in a state prison.

Criminal Offender Profile Summary

Records from 41 states and 29 sex offender registries are searched.

Federal District Court Criminal Searches

Records from 90 U.S. Federal District Courts are examined for federal crimes, including counterfeiting, money laundering, fraud, or wire tapping.

Federal Prison Incarceration Search

A background check company looks for time, if any, a n individual served in a U.S. Federal Prison.

Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Searches

Superior court records at the county level are examined for convictions and pending cases. If information is found, the date of charge, pleas, and disposition, including the time served, fines, and probation information, are compiled.

Global Report

This Patriot Act Name Search goes through U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists, including FBI lists.

Interpol Fugitives Wanted List

This local-, state-, and federal-level search involves looking for wanted persons with warrants to stand trial or who have already been convicted.

OFAC Foreign Nationals Search

A list of names that the U.S. Government has sanctions against is searched.

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