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Background Verification

Background verification is a process that many companies have come to embrace. Once viewed as a tedious task, a background check is now seen as an essential, and convenient, precaution. Background checks have become easier to access as technology has improved. Free-flowing information can now be gathered more efficiently.

Background verification provides employers with two major pieces of information. The first involves the history of a given applicant. One can easily find out is an applicant has a criminal record or has served time in jail. One can also evaluate living patterns, such as spending and relocation habits, that may influence an employer looking for a particularly steady and stable employee.

Background verification also speaks to an applicant's honesty. Many people lie on job applications in one way or another. Many applicants falsify or “stretch” dates of employment on the job, inflate salaries, and claim to have colleges degrees. Employers can get a sense of a prospective employee's attitude by comparing his or her application to his or her background check. If the two documents do not match up, one knows one has a problem.

Background Verification Reports

Many companies that need large numbers of background checks are now able to complete most of these tasks on the Web. DataCheck allows clients to order and view background data in a web browser or via e-mail. Such convenient methods of data channeling can save a human resources employee a lot of time and frustration when it comes to gathering background checks. To find out how to access background reports online, visit our website at or contact us at or 800-253-3394.

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" We are very pleased with the thorough information and prompt response of your company. This latest report is very telling and gives us insights we would never have had any other way."

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