Do You Know What Employers Are Looking for with a Background Check?

We’ve all been there before. You think you’re a shoo-in for this incredible job opportunity or you finally get a call back after sending out so many resumes trying to get your foot in the door with a new career. You make an amazing impression at the first meeting with management, score well on all the aptitude tests and then, they ask you to submit to a background test.

For many people, this can be the roadblock that’s kept them from getting the job of their dreams. Maybe you never call back because you’re worried that one ticket is going to disqualify you for the position or you’re not sure what the background check will stir up.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to not only understand what employers are looking for when they ask for this but also to know your rights with employment background checks.

Many businesses have come under legal action due to improper, outdated or even incomplete information about prospective employers being used in their job consideration.

Here are a few of the main things potential employers will look into when they conduct a background check on you.

– Your credit history. This will provide them with information to show if you are in financial distress or if there’s a risk of theft or fraud for the company by hiring you.

– Your criminal history. Information about your past offenses from thefts or crime give employers a fair insight into hiring someone who could present a threat to the workplace or public.

Your driving record. Checking up on things such as your accident history, any speeding tickets or even violations or DUIs could show your responsibility or risk before choosing to hire you.

Here are some of the laws you should understand if you feel a background check was used improperly by an employer.

– The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that requires employers to be open and fair about the information they’ll be collecting about you. If you request a copy of any reports used in your hiring decisions they must be provided to you.

– It’s illegal for employers to check on an applicant’s background based their race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information, or age (40+).

Are you a business’s wanting to conduct compliant background checks to screen potential new hires? DataCheck can help!  Work with a professional company that can screen your potential employees with a thorough background check and prevents negligent hiring lawsuits as well as a safer work environment.


Why Home Improvement Companies Should Conduct Thorough Background Checks

People all over the United States rely on contractors for renovations and home improvements. Homeowners expect jobs to be done correctly and workers to behave professionally. A bad experience can lead to negative reviews that can make it more difficult for a company to find work in the future. An on-the-job accident can also be expensive for an employer. This is why it is critical for home improvement companies to conduct background checks before hiring workers.

Check Job Applicants’ Criminal Records

A background check should include several components. One is a check for a criminal record, particularly a history of theft or violence. Since contractors work with expensive equipment and workers spend hours inside customers’ homes, there are many opportunities to steal. It could be impossible to pinpoint the person responsible if several are working at the site. On-the-job violence is another concern, particularly since contractors work in physically demanding conditions that can test their patience. By checking to see if job applicants have criminal records, your home improvement company can screen out people who might pose a risk to customers or fellow employees.

Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Background checks for contractors should also include drug testing. Using tools and heavy equipment while under the influence of drugs is a recipe for disaster. Accidents could be serious and even fatal. Workers who are under the influence of drugs may also do shoddy work that could put the homeowners or other workers at risk and make your company vulnerable to lawsuits. You should conduct drug testing before you hire an employee and during the period of employment.

Check Candidates’ Driving Records

Workers for home improvement companies often drive company vehicles to and from jobs and to transport tools and supplies. If your employees will be driving company vehicles, you should check their driving records. You need to make sure each employee has a valid license and does not have any record of speeding, reckless driving, or driving under the influence. This can protect your company from accidents, property damage, and injuries.

How DataCheck Can Help with Pre-Employment Background Checks

Conducting through background checks is essential before you hire workers for your home improvement company. It can help you avoid on-the-job accidents, criminal activity, and other problems. DataCheck has helped all types of businesses across the United States conduct background checks on job applicants so they could hire the most qualified and reliable employees. Contact us today so we can help you conduct background checks on prospective employees.

Why You Should Conduct a Background Check before Hiring a Caregiver for an Elderly Family Member

As the American population gets older and more and more people enter retirement, families are concerned about caring for their loved ones. Many senior citizens want to continue living in their homes instead of moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. If family members are unable to provide care as often as it is needed, they may hire in-home help to care for their aging parents.

Why You Should Conduct a Background Check

Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to abuse and neglect, and they may be unable to effectively communicate about what is going on when family members are not around. Seniors can be victims of physical or sexual abuse, financial abuse or manipulation, or verbal abuse or threats. They may also be neglected by the people who are supposed to care for them.

If you are thinking about hiring a caregiver for your elderly parent and you would rather hire someone privately than go through an agency, you should conduct a background check before you extend an offer of employment. A background check on a prospective in-home caregiver should include several components.

What Should Be Included in a Background Check?

A thorough background check should include a review of criminal record databases in all states and counties where the applicant has lived to look for any history of violence, theft, or other criminal activity. It should include a verification of education, including any certifications listed on a resume, as well as previous employment. References should be verified to make sure the person actually did the work listed on a resume and to find out the circumstances under which the applicant’s employment ended.

If the caregiver will be driving your family member, the background check should include a check of the applicant’s driving records. You should also check a job applicant’s credit because someone with financial problems may be more likely to steal from an elderly person in his or her care. Using illegal drugs could put your family member at risk, so a background check should include drug testing.

DataCheck Can Help You Conduct a Background Check

DataCheck can help you conduct a pre-employment background check on someone you are thinking of hiring to care for your elderly parent. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in the care of someone who is responsible and reliable and will not put your family member in harm’s way. If you would like to conduct a background check on a potential caregiver for your parent, contact DataCheck today.

Why You Should Check the Driving Records of Employees Who Will Drive Company Vehicles

Many jobs require employees to drive company vehicles. An employer is responsible for paying for insurance and can be held liable if an employee causes an accident that results in injuries or property damage. An accident caused by an employee can cause the company’s insurance rates to rise and may also cause the business to become the subject of a lawsuit, which can affect the company’s ability to pay for other expenses. A serious accident caused by an employee can also affect the company’s reputation with the public.

Businesses therefore have a strong incentive to conduct thorough background checks on potential employees who will be operating company vehicles. This should include a check of driving records.

What You Can Learn by Checking a Job Applicant’s Driving Record

Conducting a check of a job applicant’s driving record can help your company identify someone who has a history of reckless or unsafe driving. A motor vehicle records (MVR) check will reveal the status of a person’s license (active or suspended), endorsements, restrictions, and any violations. It can let you know if someone has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In some states, a DUI conviction will not be found with a standard check of criminal records but can be found with an MVR check.

Requirements for Driving Record Checks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires a company to review motor vehicle records from every state where an employee who is a commercial driver has held a license in the past three years. A company is also required to obtain motor vehicle records from every state where a driver has held a license once a year.

How to Check a Job Applicant’s Driving Record

If you need to hire an employee who will be operating a company vehicle, even on an infrequent basis, you should conduct a check of that person’s driving history. A thorough background check can reveal reckless driving habits, records for driving under the influence, and other potential problems.

Hiring an employee with a history of unsafe driving can put your company at risk for accidents that can cause injuries and property damage and can cost your business financially in terms of legal fees and higher insurance premiums. DataCheck can help you conduct background checks on job applicants so you can get a complete picture of a person’s background before making an offer of employment. Contact us today so we can help you conduct pre-employment background checks.

Are Summer Camps Required to Conduct Background Checks?

summer camp background checksThe school year will be over soon, and many parents rely on summer camps for child care while their kids are out of school. Safety is always a primary concern for parents when deciding who should care for their children. Many parents assume that everyone who works with kids is required to undergo a background check, but that is not always true. It depends on the type of camp, its license, and state laws.

A camp or day care center run by a city or county agency or by a school that receives state funding usually is required to have a license issued by the state or local government. Its employees and volunteers generally are required to pass background checks. A child care center usually needs to have a license issued by the state. Employees and volunteers generally must undergo background checks.

Private summer or day camps, such as those run by churches or privately owned businesses that only operate during the summer, are not always required to have a license or to conduct background checks. This depends on laws in the state where the camp operates.

Summer camps must obtain permission from applicants before conducting background checks. Screening for people who work with children tends to be thorough. It usually includes verification of an applicant’s name, address, Social Security number, education, and past employment; a check of criminal records for convictions; a review of the applicant’s driving record; and a credit check.

Owners of summer camps should conduct background checks on job applicants, even if the laws in their area do not require them to do so. If an employee or volunteer commits a crime or harms a child, the summer camp could be held legally responsible if it failed to conduct a background check that would have raised red flags. Data Check is a leader at conducting background checks for job applicants in all industries across the United States. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you make sure you hire only the best employees.