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Credit Check

Credit checks are a fairly common formality that most of us undergo when attempting to secure credit of some kind. Checks are done when people apply for credit cards, home mortgages, or other kinds of financing. These checks are usually performed quickly, and can be completed within a day in most cases.

Many consumers look up their own credit ratings online before making a big purchase or applying for a sizable loan. Online agencies for credit checks have become very popular. Credit reports were once shrouded in mystery. Thanks to the Internet, many people can see what their own reports look like in a matter of minutes.

Credit Checks for Employees

Checking the credit ratings of a potential employee can be a very valuable exercise. Many employees and companies don't know how important a credit rating can be to the hiring process. Credit reports provide valuable information about employees, such as spending habits and lifestyle stability. Tracking a person's financial history can be a very enlightening process for an employer. Credit reports reveal credit history, including paying habits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, as well as previous addresses, prior employment, any variations in their social security number, and possible aliases used. Useful in determining financial responsibility, money management, and the possibility of wage garnishment by state or federal tax authorities. For employment purposes only, accessing an applicant's credit record will not reflect on their credit report and will not affect their risk score.

If you are interested in making credit checks a part of your employee screening process, you'll need a reliable company to take care of the details for you. Here at DataCheck, we can provide you with all of the background data necessary to make informed and confident hiring decisions. To find out how we can help you, just visit our website at You can request a price quote via our website and we will send you a confidential proposal via email. Additionally, you may also contact us at or call 949-339-2305.

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" Hi-Line has been pleased with the responsiveness we've gotten from DataCheck and all their employees. The turnaround is normally very good and we appreciate the attention to detail they provide. It is quite convenient to receive the reports on-line as well as have the data available in their archives. We are looking forward to doing future business with them."

Janet Webb, Recruiting Administrator

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