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Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are an essential step in the hiring of an employee. Sometimes it is best to be a bit skeptical of potential employees, especially when more than one in three falsify or elaborate information on their resumes. In such a climate of misinformation, it's important to keep one's facts straight about one's employees.

The fact that criminal background checks are being used on a more and more consistent basis does not mean that people are inherently unworthy of trust. People are, as we all know, innocent until proven guilty. Employers, however, need to take pains to prove to themselves that each employee hired is up to the challenge of effectively functioning and collaborating with other employees in the workplace. Employers have an added responsibility to provide for a safe work environment for their employees. It is very important that in this day and age of lawsuits being filed against companies, that employers do their “due diligence” when hiring. If an employer does not exercise due diligence when hiring and an employee is harmed by a co-worker, that employer can be sued for negligent hiring.

Criminal records are almost always a cause for concern on behalf of an employer. Even “lesser” crimes such as theft can have a big impact on the employee culture at a given company. Employees must be made to feel safe at work, and confident that they can trust their co-workers. A comfortable environment is beneficial for both businesses and the people who make business go.

Obtaining Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks can be both difficult and time-consuming to do on one's own. There are over 1700 counties within the United States, all storing criminal records. DataCheck has been helping companies to obtain this valuable information for several years and we have experienced court runners with direct access to these hundreds of counties. Additionally DataCheck has access to several law enforcement agencies, Statewide Criminal records, as well as Federal and State Prison Records. Let us know what kind of data we can provide you with, just visit our website at You can request a price quote via our website and we will send you a confidential proposal via email. Additionally, you may also contact us at or call 949-339-2305.

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