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Criminal background checks are a routine part of employment. While some argue that screening and investigating a candidate's background is invasive, the employer needs to make sure it finds the best person for the job – and avoids negligent hiring. Hiring the wrong person, particularly an individual with lengthy criminal charges related to job duties, ends up wasting thousands of dollars and may result in lawsuits. 95 percent of all hiring companies conduct criminal background checks for employment, and all job candidates need to be prepared.

Types of Investigations an Employer May Conduct

Not all employment criminal background checks are the same, however. Some positions involve a more extensive search, while others examine state and county records only. If you are asked to approve a background check once you have received a tentative job offer, these are the types of investigations an employer may conduct:

California Prison Records

Records from all California counties are searched for convictions leading to incarceration in a state prison.

Criminal Offender Profile Summary

State and county records for 41 states and Sex offender registries are examined for any charges.

Federal District Court Criminal Searches

Records from one or more of 90 U.S. Federal District Courts are searched for charges of fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, wire tapping, and similar crimes.

Federal Prison Incarceration Search

Criminal records for time an applicant spent in a U.S. Federal prison are examined.

Felony/Misdemeanor Criminal Searches

Municipal and superior court records on a county level are scoured for felony and misdemeanor charges. Each type is listed with the date of charge, pleas, and disposition, including the time served, fines, and probation information.

The Global Report

A Patriot Act name search is conducted, examining individuals on U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists. Multiple FBI lists are included.

Interpol Fugitives Wanted List

Federal, state, and local criminal records are searched for warrants out against an individual to stand trial or for existing convictions.

OFAC Foreign Nationals Search

A list of names of persons whom the United States government has sanctions against is analyzed.

Sex Offender Searches

State databases are searched for registered sex offender records.

Statewide Criminal Record Search

State criminal records relevant to an applicant's current and past locations are combed for any charges. For each crime, the type, date of charge, pleas, and disposition, including the time served, fines, and probation information, are listed.

Social Security Number TRACE Report/Validation

Current and prior addresses for an applicant are searched and are used as a reference point for a focused criminal records search on state and local government levels.

Background checks for employment examine far more information than criminal history alone. When a potential employer screens your background, he or she looks at your education and employment histories, driving records, and previous addresses and names.

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