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Criminal Records Check

Any background investigation requires an examination of criminal records. The degree to which they're examined, however, varies with the job or needs of the employer. Positions involving work with children, the elderly, or the disabled often require far more extensive background checks than office and clerical work jobs. Nevertheless, Data Check has several options for a criminal records check.

Options for Criminal History Checks

Here are some of the options your company can choose for a criminal history records check when examining a candidate

State Prison Record Search

This search reveals if a person has been incarcerated at the state prison level.

Criminal Offender Profile Summary

All state and county criminal records from 41 states are searched in order to learn more about a candidate's past. This includes examining Sex Offender Registries.

Federal District Court Criminal Searches

Records from 90 U.S. Federal District Courts are searched for charges of fraud, counterfeiting, wire tapping, money laundering, and other federal crimes.

Federal Prison Incarceration Search

Felony/Misdemeanor Criminal Searches

Municipal and superior court records on the county level are examined for any convictions or pending cases a candidate could have.

Interpol Fugitives Wanted List

Records for wanted persons who have warrants to stand trial or who have been convicted of a crime are examined up to the federal level.

The Global Report Patriot Act Name Search

If a candidate has committed crimes on an international level or is on a No-Fly list, that information will be listed here. This criminal records check examines U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists, including the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists and Top Ten Most Wanted lists.

An employer should have as full of a picture of a candidate as possible. Although the individual will appear clean and motivated in an interview, his or her criminal history may reveal information that disproves this. A combination of these criminal record checks will give your company an all-encompassing summary of a candidate's past.

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