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Degree Check

With the ease of producing bogus degree certificates in today's world, the only sure way to verify is by direct contact with the schools. Many companies look for degree information when screening candidates. Such information can be easily mishandled when applications are being filled out-sometimes on purpose. Background checks are sometimes necessary to sort out an applicant's true educational history.

Erroneous information is often included on applications and resumes. No employee, not even a football coach, is immune to the consequences of lying on a resume. Ever since a coach was fired for listing an unconfirmed degree on his application, human resources professionals and applicants alike have paid a lot of attention to the “school” and “degree” boxes on application forms. DataCheck provides verification of high school diplomas, G.E.D. Certificates, College and University attendance, degrees, and trade school certification, including grade point averages and class ranking.

Degree Checks in Business

Misrepresenting oneself on one's resume is nothing new. What is relatively new is the opportunity to check the facts as written by applicants. Degree checks are made easy when one works with a company that specializes in gathering information. DataCheck has been running degree checks and many other kinds of screening reports for many years now. Our experience in the field allows us to provide our clients with exquisitely detailed reports on a consistently speedy basis.

If your company needs screening information for new employees, look to DataCheck to provide the reports you need. Background checks become much less time-consuming with the help of an established, experienced company. Let us tell you more about the services we can provide you, just visit our website at You can request a price quote via our website and we will send you a confidential proposal via email. Additionally, you may also contact us at or call 949-339-2305.

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" As a rapidly growing internet company, we use DataCheck's services for each of the new employees we bring to our team. Our experience has been consistently positive with regards to service and turn around time. They are quick and easy to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking this type of service."


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