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Do Background Checks Show Employment History?

Do background checks show employment history? They reveal this information and more, assisting employers with making sound and accurate hiring decisions.

Given the number of increasingly desperate people who are part of the growing number of long term unemployed Americans, there is a certain but unfortunate case of desperation setting in. This desperation is causing some normally veracious and rational people to place erroneous information on their resumes. DataCheck can provide employers with credit checks, employment history verification as well as verification of degrees conferred upon a potential new hire.

As the unemployment rate continues to hover around a shocking eight percent, the need to for employers to invest in a comprehensive background check is all the more essential. A basic credit check will reveal if the potential new hire has any liens or judgments lodged against them; additionally, a thorough credit check will reveal if a person is behind on their child support or student loan payments. A verification of degrees earned will verify with high schools, colleges and the universities the degrees the person has earned. An employment verification cross referenced with an address history will reveal if the person might be lying about his or her job history.

Jennifer Dutro, Branch Manager for Adecco posted this testimonial about DataCheck:
"I have been in the staffing industry for over seven years and have used many different vendors for screenings. We began using DataCheck last year, upon referral from one of my clients and cannot praise DataCheck enough. Their service is unsurpassed, as is their turn-around time. They are very thorough and accommodating. I highly recommend DataCheck for all of your screening needs! They truly are the BEST!!!!"

An investment in a thorough background check is a smart business decision. In these tough economic times, very few companies can afford to make a bad decision when it comes to hiring the right people.

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" Datacheck is by far the best when it comes to service and turnaround time. I appreciate them going the extra mile to add additional services when I requested them!"

Denise Knight, Human Resources Administrator
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