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Drug Testing Kits & Service

DataCheck is your leader for pre-employment background checks, drug testing, and onsite drug kits nationwide. We realize the importance of drug screening for new employees. That's why, in addition to laboratory based testing, we are now offering employers their own drug test kits. By offering our drug testing kits to employers this will allow a fast and easy way to get results quickly by doing this on-site.

Drug Screening Solutions

Our drug test kits are available in 3 screening types a 10 panel, 8 panel and 5 panel depending on the needs of your company. By having these kits on site allows the employer to do random drug testing of current employees or a pre-employment drug test on site which does not allow the potential of someone using a detoxifying substance to counteract the results. For more information please call us today at 800-253-3394.

  • DOT (Department of Transportation) 5-panel Drug Test
  • Non-DOT 5, 8 or 10-panel Test
  • Adulterant Checking
Available Drug Panels 5 Panel 8 Panel 10 Panel
Cannabinoids (Marijuana)      
Phencyclidine (PCP)      

Industry Standard

Industry standard is the 5 Panel Drug test which includes testing for Amphetamines, Cannabinoids (Marijuana), Cocaine, Phencyclidine (PCP), and Opiates.

Laboratory Testing

DataCheck provides you with all the drug testing forms and a list of local laboratories. The job applicant takes the drug testing form to the lab for the drug test. Results are forwarded to DataCheck from the lab. Results are then sent to you in a report from DataCheck.

Average Turn around time for Results: 12-36 hours after drug test is taken

Additional Lab Testing: Adulterant Checking (Optional) determines if the subject has taken a substance to alter the results of the drug test

On-site Drug Testing Kits

Test is taken on site at the place of employment and administered by the employer. Results are instant. Minimum Order: 25 Kits (Kits cannot be combined, it must be 25 of the same kit)

Available Kits

  • 10 Panel Test
  • 8 Panel Test
  • 5 Panel Test
  • Instant Alcohol Test (Oral Fluid Swab)

More Information About Background Screening

" Do not hesitate to work with DataCheck. It is a wonderful company that delivers better and faster results than our previous provider, a very large, well known background screening company, who we left after many years! JFSA began working with DataCheck about a year ago and we never looked back. The website to place orders is very user friendly and the results arrive within 24 hours in most cases. In addition, DataCheck has excellent customer service and personal touch. They are always available to answer questions as needed. We are located on the east coast and DataCheck is on the west coast, and I was somewhat concerned in the beginning about being in a different time zone, but the time difference has never presented a problem to us. DataCheck met and exceeded all our expectations!"

Tanya Borshov, Manager of Talent Acquisition and Retention

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