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Employee Background Screening

Employee background screening has become an accepted part of the standard hiring process. Many companies know how essential background checks are, and many learned the lesson the hard way. Hiring just one employee who exhibits erratic behavior is enough to make any company aware of the importance of employee screening.

Many companies have taken cues from other businesses when it comes to background checks. It simply doesn't make sense to wait for bad experience to motivate a company to start performing background checks. Employee background screening is most effective when done before a problem ever arises. Such research can save a company from the strain of filling a position twice in a short period of time.

Employee Background Screening Made Easy

Employee background screening does not the present the challenges it once did. Many companies simply do all of their background checking with the help of an experienced employee screening company. DataCheck has been running screening reports for nearly a quarter-century. We have all of the resources at our disposal to provide your company with the information it needs to make solid hires.

DataCheck has paired screening with the screen—-the computer screen, that is. Most DataCheck reports can now be sent over the Internet. Orders can also be made online. These features are particularly helpful for companies that process a large number of screening reports each year. To find out how easy it can be to access detailed background checks, just visit our website at www.datacheckinc.com. You can request a price quote via our website and we will send you a confidential proposal via email. Additionally, you may also contact us at office@datacheckinc.com or call 949-339-2305.

More Information About Background Screening

" We are very pleased with the thorough information and prompt response of your company. This latest report is very telling and gives us insights we would never have had any other way."

Floyd Fitzgibbons, CIC
President of Fitzgibbons & Associates

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