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Employer Background Checks

A candidate submits his resume and, later, goes in for a job interview. Said candidate appears extremely qualified on paper and is enthusiastic in person. A few other candidates have the same type of background and qualifications, but how is an employer to decide who gets the coveted seat?

Employer background checks may be the decisive point between a remaining group of job candidates. As many employers find out by doing a background check, not everything on paper or said in person can be supported. One candidate isn't entirely honest about his educational history, while another fibbed his dates for a past employer on his resume. Another could have a criminal history that wasn't disclosed in the application process. Employer background checks are the next step when filling an open position – and are often a determining factor in hiring decisions.

Employer background checks begin by examining the basic information for a job candidate: his or her names and past addresses. While this may be disclosed through an application, a background investigation service like Data Check verifies it through examining records associated with a candidate's social security number. The information gathered through this portion of a background check will assist with later examining the candidate's criminal history.

The next portion of all employer background checks essentially verifies and supports information listed on a resume or said in an interview. Data Check's investigation services examine a candidate's past work history, education, and references. Standard points, such as dates of employment and attendance, positions held, majors, and degrees earned, are all examined and compiled for an employer to compare against a candidate's resume.

A job candidate, often prior to an interview, is asked about his or her criminal history, but a candidate isn't always honest. Employer background checks thoroughly examine a candidate's criminal past, with county, state, federal, and international records combed for misdemeanors and greater crimes. Additionally, driving records are examined with the same accuracy. Information gathered will back up or disprove a candidate's claims or will indicate said candidate committed crimes related to the position in which he or she applied.

Examining a candidate's credit history is a final step several employers decide to add to a background check. Although a candidate's credit score isn't included in the final report, his or her bill paying habits, debt, and financial history will be included.

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" We are very pleased with the thorough information and prompt response of your company. This latest report is very telling and gives us insights we would never have had any other way."

Floyd Fitzgibbons, CIC
President of Fitzgibbons & Associates

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