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Employment Background Checks

Background checks are a standard part of the employment process. While some online job applications ask you to approve an investigation, some companies wait until the end of the hiring process to request a screening. Employment background checks, regardless of time administered, investigate your history in education, addresses, employment, and crimes. Varying degrees of your history may be uncovered, and some background checks for employment may look for additional information.

Pre-employment background checks serve as resume, interview, and application verification, and your potential employer wants the most honest and direct candidate as possible to fill the current job opening. Candidates whose employment, education, and criminal histories do not align with their application information are often taken out of consideration.

Standard criminal background checks for employment begin with social security number validation and an address search. These components serve as reference points for the rest of the investigation. Verifying a social security number allows a background check company to find out all names you have used and where you have lived. This information results in a more thorough screening of your criminal history at county, state, and federal levels.

Criminal history is a key component in all employment background checks. While a candidate cannot outright be rejected for having a criminal history, companies may take an individual out of consideration if he or she has a criminal history relating to the duties of the position. Criminal history background checks for employment may be basic or thorough, but most involve analyzing records at county, state, and federal levels.

Education history is verified through employment background checks, as an employer wants to make sure your resume information is accurate. Majors, diplomas, degrees, GPAs, and class rank are investigated and compared with your application.

Similar information is gathered for employment history. A background check researches all places where you have worked and verifies dates, positions held, salary, job duties, and overall work habits. Reference checks are in the same vein but more specific information may be requested.

Driving records and credit checks may also be part of a background investigation for employment. Driving habits may correlate with criminal history, and a credit check serves as an indication your financial responsibility. Although not a standard part of all background checks, about 60 percent of all employers screening candidates request credit information, including paying habits, judgments, liens, and bankruptcies.

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