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National Background Check

National background checks provide companies with comprehensive profiles of prospective employees. Background checks have recently become more widespread in use, thanks to information-sharing technology. Background reports are now convenient to access over the Internet, and such a convenience can be quite welcome when hiring season turns hectic.

The need for national background checks is due in part to increased mobility on the part of the workforce. Whereas many people once expected to live their lives in one area, people now expect to move around and change jobs with more frequency. Most people do not envision a decades-long career with a single company (nor the gold watch upon retirement). With so many people transitioning from one part of the country to another, the need for screening a candidate before you hire takes on a greater importance. DataCheck has access to all criminal courts throughout the United States and can provide you with information on a nationwide basis.

Since more people are working in more different places than ever before, national background checks have become an essential part of the typical hiring cycle. Companies seeking to minimize as much risk as possible when it comes to new employees make extensive use of national reports.

National Background Checks on the Web

Background checks of all kinds have become much more user-friendly now that they are available on the Web. DataCheck is allows clients to access reports electronically, using a web browser or e-mail account. Users can also order reports through a web page, a feature that greatly reduces the time it takes to request a number of background checks. For more information about the online reports available to your company, just visit our website at You can request a price quote via our website and we will send you a confidential proposal via email. Additionally, you may also contact us at or call 949-339-2305.

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