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Pre Employment Background Investigation

A pre employment background investigation is something every company should do before hiring an applicant. Without one, you will be unsure if the information someone put in his or her application is accurate or truthful. DataCheck can perform a pre employment background investigation for your company and give you the information you need to hire the best possible candidate.

It is becoming more and more common for a company to have background checks done on people who are applying for jobs openings. Many people will use fake documents and lie on their application to get a job during a time of economic hardship. With jobs being hard to come by and competition rising, people will do anything they can to look more attractive to possible employers. DataCheck can help take inaccurate applications out of the equation with a pre employment background investigation.

DataCheck provides many different services that allow a company to go more in depth into a person's past. Depending on the job qualifications and responsibilities, you can decide which services provide the information you desire. DataCheck can investigate a potential employee's educational history, employment history, credit reports, criminal record, motor vehicle driving records, personal and professional reference checks, social security number validation, and verification, plus much more.

When deciding on which things you want DataCheck to find out, you should figure out which information would best benefit you in the hiring process. If you are hiring a truck driver, you would definitely want to get a report on each applicant's driving record. If you are hiring for a bank, you may want to know each person's criminal history to see if he or she has ever stolen money.

There are no negatives to having DataCheck conduct a pre employment background investigation on your potential future employees. By knowing the past employment history, along with other important things about a person's past, you can make the best choice possible for your company's newest member.

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" We are very pleased with the thorough information and prompt response of your company. This latest report is very telling and gives us insights we would never have had any other way."

Floyd Fitzgibbons, CIC
President of Fitzgibbons & Associates

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