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Previous Employment Background Checks

As more and more Americans change jobs, move from one part of the country to another, there are some inherent red flags when it comes to verifying the credentials listed on potential employee's resumes. With continued rates of companies that are falling into bankruptcy or even those small to mid-sized companies that are simply closing their doors for good, many people are being forced to pack up and move to a new location. This new transient way of life presents numerous challenges to hiring managers. Some of these challenges include address verification, checking the veracity of an applicant's purported job history and ensuring that an applicant is not using another person's social security number. One of the most cost effective ways to weed out dishonest people from the applicant pool is by conducting a thorough previous employment background check. This type includes checking references, job responsibilities and even compensation.

Documents can be duplicitously created and passed off as real. Adobe and many other advanced computer programs can be used to create phony transcripts, diplomas and even letters of recommendation. There are numerous diploma mills, unaccredited online colleges and universities that sell fake diplomas. Yet another problematic issue is falsification of information on resumes. Employment verification and checks of resumes for accuracy is necessary in today's ever competitive job market. Numerous people from the boardroom to employees employed at some of America's most well respected companies have been found to have fabricated information on their resumes.

A short term investment in previous employment background checks, drug screening and employment verification will, in the long run, prove to be very wise allocation of company resources. These types of checks are great deterrent to possible criminal activity while at the same time they will serve as ideal safeguard for the current employees.

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