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Sex Offender Background Check

Sexual assault is a crime that strikes at the very core of the human spirit. In the wake of sexual violence are scarred victims, shattered lives, disrupted families and frightened communities. Media accounts of previously convicted sex offenders committing new violent sexual assaults have become commonplace.

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search

In recent years, the federal and state laws for public information have been revised to require sex offenders to register with the nationwide sex offender registry so that the general public may be aware of potential predators in their midst. With the signing of Megans Law, any person convicted of a sexual related offense must be registered with the sex offender registry in their locality. The National Sex Offender Public Registry, coordinated by the Department of Justice, is a cooperative effort between the state agencies hosting public sexual offender registries and the federal government. Each state gathers and maintains its own data for the background registry. The implementation of the national sex offender registry differs by state and the information available in the registry also differs. If a person moves from one state to another, they are required to reregister with the sex offender registry in that state.

Since the available background registry information differs from state to state, it can be difficult to assess the risks of a potential sex offender. The Department of Justice states, "Members of the public should be aware that not all state Internet sites provide for public disclosure of information about all sex-offenders who reside, work, or attend school in the state. For example, a given state may limit public disclosure over its web site of information concerning offenders who have been determined to be high-risk, while another state may provide for wider disclosure of information but make no representation as to risk level of specific offenders." Let Datacheck Inc. put the pieces together for you.

Any background check conducted as an employee screening, or otherwise, should include a thorough sex offender registry check. Datacheck Inc. can research and report any available information with regards to a person's sex offender status and location. We can customize a report for you that includes all of the necessary information to fit your needs and budget. When your name is on the line with someone you hardly know, it is best to have a complete picture of their background available for your decision-making. Contact Datacheck Inc. today to customize a nationwide sex offender registry report for you.

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