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State Criminal Records

State criminal records are among the most important and varied forms of data for the evaluation of prospective employees. While criminal records rarely provide the entire basis for hiring a given candidate, they can be used to narrow down a competitive field of applicants. These records can also be used to protect the safety and security of current employees.

State criminal records make up one portion of an extensive background check. Background checks can be used to evaluate a particular candidate in terms of criminal behavior, living and spending tendencies--even driving habits. While such pieces of information may seem uninteresting when taken individually, taken as a whole they can provide a compelling picture of an applicant's pattern of choices.

The most important of these factors is often criminal background. State criminal records are much more varied than they once were, as many people move to a number of new states over the course of their lifetimes. Compiling a comprehensive collection of state records can be an awfully drawn out process.

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