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Background Check Services for Public School Volunteers

Many public school districts across the United States rely on volunteers to help with academic and social activities involving students. Volunteers may help teachers in the classroom, read to students, tutor children after school, serve as mentors, work as coaches for sports, or serve as chaperones on field trips. Most parents and members of the public who want to serve as volunteers at schools have a sincere desire to help children and to give back to their communities.

Why Public Schools Should Conduct Background Checks on Volunteers

Parents want to know that their children are safe when they attend a public school. They want to make sure that their children are not around people who have criminal records and could pose a danger to them.

Teachers and employees at public schools are required to undergo rigorous background checks before obtaining employment. Many school districts also require background checks for volunteers in public schools who work with children. This can reduce the risk of children being injured or abused and can give parents and the community peace of mind. By preventing problems, background checks can also help school districts protect themselves from lawsuits that could arise if a volunteer were to abuse a child.

What Is Included in a Background Check

A background check for public school volunteers should include a check of local and state criminal records. A school district may want to conduct broader searches in other areas if an applicant for a position as a volunteer has lived in another state in the past. Background checks for volunteers should also include a check of a sex offender registry and a check to see if the applicant has been convicted of child abuse or neglect.

Contact DataCheck to Conduct Background Checks on School Volunteers

DataCheck conducts thorough background checks for schools all over the United States. If your school has volunteers who work with children, either at school during the day, after school, or at school-sponsored events and activities, it is prudent to conduct background checks on applicants. This can help you identify anyone with a criminal record who may pose a risk to children at the school so they can be excluded.

Conducting background checks is an essential step that can help keep children safe and give parents and the community peace of mind. It can also help your school district avoid lawsuits by reducing the likelihood of a volunteer harming a child. Contact Data Check today to learn more about our background check services for public school volunteers.

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