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Background Check Services for Rental Applications

When landlords rent properties to tenants, they want to make sure that they choose people who will pay the rent on time and who will not cause destruction to the property or conflicts with other tenants or neighbors. One way that landlords can choose people who are likely to be good tenants is to conduct background checks on people who apply for rentals.

What Is Included in a Tenant Background Check

A background check can include a check of county or state criminal records and sex offender databases. A criminal record will not necessarily prevent someone from renting an apartment, but it can be taken into consideration. State laws vary on how a criminal record can influence a landlord’s decision on whether or not to rent to someone.

The landlord can look into a potential tenant’s employment history. The landlord will look for stability to help figure out whether the person is likely to pay the rent on time throughout the term of the lease. A landlord can also verify a prospective tenant’s current employment and income. This is typically done by requesting pay stubs.

A landlord will check a tenant’s credit report. The landlord will want to make sure the person has a history of paying bills on time and does not have a history of accounts in collections or bankruptcies that could indicate difficulty paying bills when they are due.

A landlord may check the tenant’s past relationships with other landlords to find out if he or she paid the rent on time, caused any damage to the property, or had any conflicts with other tenants or neighbors. The landlord can ask how long the tenant rented a property and if he or she took care of it and regularly paid the rent by the due date. A landlord can ask about prior evictions or check public records to obtain that information.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

If a landlord conducts a background check using a consumer reporting agency, the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies. All landlords must abide by the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, marital status, or pregnancy.

How to Conduct Background Checks on Prospective Tenants

If you are a landlord who wants to rent a property, you should conduct a thorough background check before agreeing to rent to a tenant. This can help you choose a tenant who is likely to take care of the property, pay the rent on time, and get along with the neighbors. DataCheck can help you obtain information on a prospective tenant’s background. To learn more about background checks for rental applications, contact us today.

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