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Background Checks in Texas

Every employer strives to hire the best workforce. One, you want a productive group of employees to deliver results, regardless of industry, and secondly, a worker who not only fails to deliver but drags the company down as well could result in a negative hiring lawsuit.

In response, it’s no longer a sound idea to hire an individual strictly based on his or her word and a handshake – or even a stellar resume. Instead, background checks occupy a key part of the application process, after multiple rounds of interviews and before a definite decision. For your Texas company to get the best return on its investment, adding this step can be the difference between bringing on board someone who will steal, lower morale, and negatively impact productivity and someone who will take your team up to the next level.

Background Screening Services

Working with Data Check offers access to the most essential aspects of screening applicants. Depending upon the goals of your Texas-based business, this could be:

  • Reviewing someone’s comprehensive employment history: Is their resume accurate, or is it missing a few key pieces? Rather than investigate and guess on your own, have Data Check’s team research the potential hire’s full background.
  • Reviewing criminal records from both state and national databases. Know off the bat if this individual is being honest, or if he or she is hiding a few major details.
  • Social Security Number identification ensures that the applicant is who he or she claims to be.
  • Credit report checks help you determine if this hire is financially responsible.
  • Education history checks show that he or she completed that bachelor’s or master’s program according to the date listed on the resume.
  • Driving record checks further give you insight into a potential employee’s responsibility – especially if that person will eventually be driving a company car or delivery van with your brand on it.
  • Reviewing sex offender registries
  • Requesting drug-testing services in house or through a lab.

Why go through the expense of hiring someone, paying them for a few months, and then taking the hit when he or she embezzles company funds, steals merchandise, or damages your reputation? Get it right the first time with Data Check. To learn about what we can do or to request a background check for your Texas business, fill out a quote form today.

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" Do not hesitate to work with DataCheck. It is a wonderful company that delivers better and faster results than our previous provider, a very large, well known background screening company, who we left after many years! JFSA began working with DataCheck about a year ago and we never looked back. The website to place orders is very user friendly and the results arrive within 24 hours in most cases. In addition, DataCheck has excellent customer service and personal touch. They are always available to answer questions as needed. We are located on the east coast and DataCheck is on the west coast, and I was somewhat concerned in the beginning about being in a different time zone, but the time difference has never presented a problem to us. DataCheck met and exceeded all our expectations!"

Tanya Borshov, Manager of Talent Acquisition and Retention

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