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Background Checks for In-Home Workers

Some businesses have employees who routinely work in customers’ homes. Repair and maintenance workers, home health aides, and delivery people may visit the homes of many customers in any given week. If an employee commits a crime, causes property damage, or causes an accident because of negligence or the influence of drugs while working in a customer’s home, the business can be sued if it did not take reasonable steps to protect customers.

If your employees work in customers’ homes, one of the best ways to protect your customers and to shield your business from litigation is to conduct background checks on prospective employees. A background check should be thorough. It should include a check of an applicant’s criminal record, education, and employment history, as well as drug testing.

If you do not conduct background checks and something happens in a customer’s home, you can be sued for negligent hiring. The customer can charge that you should have taken reasonable action by conducting a background check before you hired the employee to find out if he or she had a criminal record or history of drug use and that in failing to do so, you created conditions in which a customer could be harmed.

Background check laws vary from state to state. It is important to familiarize yourself with the laws specific to your state. Some state and federal laws limit the types of information employers can seek and the ways they can use that information when making hiring decisions.

If an employee commits a crime against one of your customers, it can do irreparable harm to your company. It can cause damage to your reputation, not to mention financial losses that could force you to go out of business. By conducting background checks on all prospective employees, you can reduce the risk of workers committing crimes or causing accidents that could harm customers or their property and cause your business to suffer.

DataCheck conducts background checks for employers in all industries across the United States. If your workers carry out their duties in customers’ homes, you should conduct background checks to reduce the risk of problems. Contact DataCheck today to learn more about our background check services.

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