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What Goes into a Federal Background Check

Applying for a government job? You may be wondering what goes into a federal background check. How different is it from a "normal" background check?

There are many similarities. There are also things that are specific to a federal background check.

The federal background check will list arrest records. It will note the date of the arrest, the crime and how long the person was in custody.

When a suspect is arrested and fingerprints are taken, those fingerprints are entered into the FBI database. The arrest and the charge are also entered into the database. All current charges are connected with past charges.

A federal background check will also include a person's social security number. This will help in identifying any name changes and possible address changes.

Federal background checks will also look at work history, criminal records and lawsuits. A federal background check can also look at federal district court records. Federal cases can include crimes that cross state lines and crimes that are committed on state property.

Some background checks can be influenced by the job position pursued by the applicant. Positions in the federal government tend to be broken down into three categories: Non-sensitive positions, public-trust positions and national security positions. The elements that make up the background checks for these positions vary depending on the level of clearance required for the position.

Federal background checks can go beyond government jobs. In many states, a federal background check is required for jobs that involve working with children, in a hospital or with the elderly.

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