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What are Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions?

There are many types of verification checks that can go into a comprehensive background check.

One group are the Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions. These sanctions are useful in determining if a person has been excluded from participating in programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health care programs. This includes a search to determine if a person or entity in the health care field have had disciplinary action taken against them.

The sanctions cover more than 50 types of health care professionals and entities and include all 50 states.

The Healthcare Adverse Actions Sanctions are an important part of the screening process for health care professionals. The United States Congress has established a civil monetary penalty for institutions that knowingly hire excluded parties.

The Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) is a database of exclusions, sanctions and disciplinary action for all provider types at the federal and state level.

Companies that are hiring in the health care industry need to be very careful about hiring an individual or entity who is on the list of excluded providers because of potential Civil Monetary Payments. There is also the possibility of an organization being excluded from participation in federal health care programs.

It should go without saying that a company that employs practitioners such as physicians and nurses needs to be aware of the health care sanctions. Companies need to know that such practitioners are eligible to take part in government-funded programs. Licenses and certifications also need to be in good standing with state medical and licensing board.

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