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How does a National Employment Background Check Vary from a Local Search?

Many employers are taking advantage of pre-employment background checks when hiring for a job. By getting background checks on job applicants, an employer can be sure they are hiring the best person for the job. Most background checks give an employer local information about a person, but a national background check gathers information about someone if they have worked or been arrested in another state.

Local Search

In a basic background check, a screening company examines records on a state level, including in areas where a candidate lives currently and previously resided. By finding out information about a person's criminal history and credit score, an employer can hire the best possible person for the job they have open. Here are some different local background check services that employers can use:

  • Address History
  • Credit Report
  • Drug Testing
  • Education History Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Records
  • Worker's Compensation Reports

National Employment Background Check

Unlike a local background check, a national employment background check can gather information about a person from other states. As local searches will not bring up employment or criminal records from other states where a candidate may have not lived, his or her fingerprints are taken and searched within FBI databases. With employees moving to different states to find work and traveling to different locations for a job, it is important to screen nationally. A local search will not give you this information, but a national employment background check will.

By taking advantage of both local search and employment background checks, a company can get a better idea of who they are thinking about hiring. Background checks will help any employer choose a quality applicant to join their team.

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