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What do Driving Records tell About a Candidate?

It's common knowledge that potential employees are screened during the application process. It is expected that both criminal and credit history be screened, but driving records? Some don't understand why a driving record is important to a potential employer, and yet it turns out that employers can learn a lot about a potential employee just by looking at his or her driving records. Keep reading to find out what kind of information can be revealed by these records.

Responsibility and Dependability – A lot can be learned by looking at a simple driving record, and responsibility is at the top of the list. A responsible driver is more often than not a responsible person. Likewise, an irresponsible driver is most likely an irresponsible person. When a company looks at a driving record, a few things can easily spell out responsibly or lack thereof. Numerous traffic infractions, speeding tickets, or at-fault accidents may reveal that the person is easily distracted, forgetful, or lazy. Unpaid fines may show that the person does not hold him or herself responsible for his or her actions. Unpaid tickets may also show that the person does not respect authority. These can all be red flags during the hiring process.

Behavioral History – A driving record can show more about a person's character and temperament than the interview. Infractions or repeated offenses can display behavioral tendencies that give the potential employer a glimpse into the life of the applicant. Is road rage noted on the record? What about a frequent chain of accidents. An aggressive person is an aggressive driver; a cautious person is a cautious driver, and so on and so forth. A person who is a responsible, calm driver is not going to have a laundry list of traffic violations and accidents. Driving records that contain these are full of red flags. If you wouldn't let them drive your car, don't let them take the wheel of your company, either.

Liability – One of the most fundamental reasons employers look at a driving record is not to see if an applicant is responsible or dependable. The reason most companies pull a driving record is to see if the person is a reliable and safe driver. For jobs that require traveling or driving of a company vehicle, many employers want to know if the person is going to be a risk. If the person has an ugly driving record, insurance rates could sky rocket. Not only will the company have to pay more to insure them, but they also have to worry about liability. The last thing any employer wants is to have an employee responsible for injuring another.

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