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Why a Driving Record Is Often Included in a Background Check

A background check can include many components, such as a search of criminal records, verification of education and past employment, and drug screening. Another aspect that is important for many employers is an investigation into a prospective employee's driving record. This information could be a deciding factor when choosing between similarly qualified applicants.

Looking into an applicant's driving history is essential for a business in which an employee will have reason to use a company vehicle, such as a trucking, delivery, taxi, or chauffeur business. Employers in these industries want to ensure that the people they hire and entrust with their vehicles, as well as the people or items they may be transporting, are safe and responsible drivers. Failing to do so could put customers and company assets at risk.

A check of an applicant's driving record can reveal many things, such as a potential employee's accident history, speeding tickets and other moving violations, and DUIs. This information can reveal whether an applicant is a safe and responsible driver. In the case of DUIs, a background check can also indicate whether an applicant has a substance abuse problem that could impact job performance in other ways.

As an employer, you want to make sure that your company hires the best people who are trustworthy and who will be responsible and protect company property and customers. If your position includes using company vehicles to travel or to transport people or assets, it is in your best interest to include a check of an applicant's driving record in the pre-hiring process. Doing so can help you identify problems that might have a negative effect on an employee's performance so that you can avoid an individual who might be a liability and hire the best person for the job.

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