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Will a Failed Drug Test Show on a Background Check?

Many employers require job applicants to take drug tests before they extend a formal offer of employment. Some employers also conduct random drug testing of current employees. People who use drugs and test positive are often concerned that they will not only lose the opportunity to be hired or be fired from a current job, but that other prospective employers will find out about the failed drug test and will not hire them.

Who Can See the Results of a Drug Test?

When a job applicant takes a drug test, the results are reported to the company that requested the test. The results do not become part of a public record that other employers can see in the future as part of a standard background check. An applicant who fails a drug test for one employer can still get a job for another company if he or she passes another drug test at a later date.

If a job applicant’s failed drug tests results in a criminal conviction, or if probation or parole is revoked because of it, that information can become a matter of public record. A prospective employer may be able to see information about the conviction or probation or parole status on a background check.

If a person already has a job and fails a drug test while employed, the employer may not be able to disclose that information to another employer who calls for a reference check. The employer will likely give a vague answer to the question of why the employee was fired, such as failure to comply with company policy.

Policies for Positions Regulated by the Department of Transportation

The federal government requires employers regulated by the Department of Transportation to test job applicants and not hire anyone who fails a drug test for a safety-sensitive position. An applicant who is applying for a position regulated by the Department of Transportation must disclose any past failed drug or alcohol tests to a prospective employer. A prospective employer can also ask the applicant’s last employer about the results of drug and alcohol tests.

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DataCheck provides employment screening services, including drug testing, for businesses across the United States. Maintaining a drug-free workplace is essential to provide a safe environment for employees, customers, and the public. If you need to conduct drug testing for job applicants or current employees, contact DataCheck today.

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